Art Walk announces Anniversary Raffle winners

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        The galleries of First Friday Art Walk are proud to announce the winners of the FREE Art Walk 10th Anniversary Raffle. “After 10 years of First Friday Art Walk, we wanted to show our appreciation to the people who have made this event a success – our faithful Art Walk fans,” said Clarissa French, First Friday Art Walk communications director.
Art Walkers were invited to fill out FREE raffle tickets or drop business cards in collection boxes place in Art Walk galleries in June and July. Prizes and winners are:

Obelisk Home
$250 Gift Certificate

Winner: Nicole Talbot, Springfield

Randy Bacon Photography
$125 Gift Certificate for an Artist Sitting and/or Enlargements

Winner: Alex Hendrick, Springfield

Springfield Pottery
$100 Gift Certificate

Winner: Sarah Bergquist, Springfield

Springfield Hot Glass Studio
Two Bead Making Classes

Winners: Fred Kavanaugh, Springfield
Sarah Derr, Springfield

$50 Gift Certificate

Winner: Ryan Willis, Republic

CaraDee Photography
$75 Gift Certificate

Winner: Hannah Grimes, Ozark

Farmers Gastropub
Four $25 Gift Certificates

Winners: Crissy Fenwick, Nixa;
Mack Murray, Springfield;
Erin Clark;
Brian and Melody Long, Springfield

Fresh Gallery
Two $10 Gift Certificates

Winners: Georgene Verlin, Marshfield
Michele Ellison, Rogersville

Good Girl Art Gallery
$25 Gift Certificate
Winner: Priscilla Arens, Springfield

Hawthorn Galleries
10 $20 Gift Certificates

Winners: Char Alexander, Theodosia;
Janna Woods, Springfield;
Sara Foster, Springfield;
Shandon Hill, Springfield;
Brandon Waterworth, Billings;
Anessa Stewart, Springfield;
Carmen Whorton, Mansfield;
Jennifer Tucker, Aurora;
Mike Whorton, Mansfield;
April Whitlow, Springfield

Mille’s Turn of the Century Cafe
Six $20 Gift Certificates

Winners: Aubree Taylor, Springfield;
John Price, Springfield;
Shawna Patach, Nixa;
Liesel Benecke, Springfield;
Karin Hedrick, Springfield;
Debi Brennan, Springfield

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