Celebrate summer with First Friday, Second Saturday in July

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Join First Friday Art Walk 6-10 p.m. on July 6 for an evening of original art in painting, photography, ceramics, cryptography and more, plus live music and hands-on art activities in 20 participating locations. To plan your customized Art Walk experience, View the July 2018 Art Walk Newsletter.

The July 6 event is the beginning of your July Art Walk experience. Enjoy artist receptions, live music and more on First Friday night, then come back for a second helping noon-5 on Saturday July 14.


Art Inspired features Photography by Jessie Winnie

Art Inspired is proud to present Featured Artist Jessie Winnie, who expresses herself in art despite the challenges of Cerebral Palsy. Experience Jessie’s photography collection, The Four Seasons, during the July Walk.


Beyond Studio: Hands on art activity, two-artist show

Beyond Studio invites you to make your own creative masterpiece with their handmade stamps, plus enjoy works by Featured Artists Mark Allen and Kyle Cockrum.


Meet Artist Clark Medley at Birds Eye Tattoo in July

Birds Eye Tattoo & Art Gallery on West McDaniel is your destination to not only enjoy the cipher/cryptic language art of Featured Artist Clark Medley, but also to meet the artist himself!


Mane event: Bill Harmon’s art, Steve Breedlove’s music

Mane Salon and Social House presents Featured Artist Bill Harmon plus Music by Steve Breedlove. Harmon is an artist who works in ceramic sculpture, thrown pottery and block printing. Caribbean-born Steve Breedlove is a voice student at Conservatory of the Ozarks.


Park Central Library invites you to Bad Art Night

Park Central Library amps up the fun with hands-on art in a Bad Art Night competition. How bad will it get in the battle for Worst in Show? We can’t wait to find out! Materials provided.


Don’t’ miss Open Studios II, Extinguished, Intermission

Art Walk is for art lovers and our locations have you covered: Don’t miss Open Studios II at ideaXfactory, Extinguished: Portraits of Home in Springfield’s Red Zone at BookMarx and Rosie Winstead: Intermission at Obelisk Home.



July 2018 Gallery Guide


Art Inspired, 230 S. Market, presents Featured Artist Jessie Winnie. Jessie Winnie’s story as an artist is special for many reasons. At a young age, she was diagnosed with a type of Cerebral Palsy that impaired her motor skills. Jessie’s muscles were “loose” and she was unable to hold anything.

“My arms would flop around, plus I had tremors where my hand would shake. It was hard to keep my hand steady so when I started to learn how to draw, I would stab holes in the paper, but it was the only way I could control the pencil. I would sit outside on the porch with my dad and we would draw together. He was my teacher. Over time, I learned how to control the pencil and strengthened my muscles. Now I am stronger, but when my arm is really tired, my hand will still shake.”

When asked what the creative process means to her, she replied, “Expressing my feelings, creating things. I like when people say, “I like it” and “good job” because when I was a kid, I had a hard time speaking and it was hard to understand people.”

Jessie has titled her photography collection The Four Seasons because her photos represent nature and animals as seen through the various seasons. (417) 868-8084 Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. M-Sat


Beyond Studio, 400 South Ave., Stes. 230-250, invites you to get hands-on with art, creating your own masterpieces with Beyond’s handmade stamps, plus enjoy the work of Featured Artists Mark Allen and Kyle Cockrum.

Mark is a metal artist repurposing recycled items. He states, “Each piece is made from my heart and created with a flare of eclectic taste and cutting-edge design.”

Kyle is a painter and states of his work, “Come closer and see … see into the leaves. A surrealistic journey through the lush foliage of an artist mind.” (417) 414-0487 Open 8 a.m.-8 p.m. M-F


Birds Eye Tattoo & Art Gallery, 300 W. McDaniel, is proud to present Featured Artist Clark Medley, with a Meet the Artist Reception during the July Art Walk. “I have worked on my craft since the 80s: always developing my voice as an artist,” Medley said. His work in cipher/cryptic language takes an abstract form with modern and contemporary elements, fashioning depth and contrast to create drama between the symbols and the surface on which they rest. “The thing I love most is watching people who are viewing my work. They seem to realize my work is a puzzle and try to figure it out. The moment when they realize I’ve made up my own language seems to pull them in and connect.” (417) 771 5487. Open 12-9 p.m. T-Sat


BookMarx, 325 E. Walnut St., Ste. 101, presents Featured Artist Allison Hamburg and the title of her show is Extinguished: Portraits of Home in Springfield’s Red Zone. www.facebook.com/bookmarxbooks


The Creamery Arts Center, 411 N. Sherman Parkway, home of Springfield Regional Arts Council, Will Not Participate in the July Art Walk but returns in August with Metamorphosis. (417) 862-ARTS (2787). Open 9 a.m.-5 p.m. M-F; closed major holidays Note: The Creamery is an Early Bird Art Walk location: its reception runs 5-8 p.m.


Equality Healthcare, 420 W. College, Ste. 100, presents New Works by Featured Artist Stephanie Cramer, plus Featured Artists Shannon Bacon and Dustin Burgert, and works by Featured Artist T.D. Scott. (417) 633-7020 www.equality.healthcare Open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. M-Fri Note: Equality Healthcare is an Early Bird Art Walk location: its reception runs 5-8 p.m.


European Café by Sweet Couture, 207 Park Central East, a proud Art Walk sponsor, invites you to enjoy local art and wildly creative edibles.
www.417EuropeanCafe.com (417) 942-5055 Open 7:30 a.m.-9 p.m. M-Th, 9 a.m.-11 p.m. F & Sat Note: European Café is a Night Owl Art Walk location: open until 11 p.m.


Fresh Gallery, 400 W. Walnut, presents Featured Artist Karla Breeding Trammell. Trammell grew up in the Eastern Arkansas Delta and earned her BFA in painting from the University of Arkansas. A three-time participant in Watercolor USA, she is a member of the Watercolor USA Honor Society where she currently serves on the board. She works in watercolor, oil, acrylic, graphite, Prismacolor pencil, pen-and-ink and specializes in nature, portraits, waterfowl and architectural renderings. (417) 862-9300 Open 11 a.m.-6 p.m. T-Sat, 11 a.m.-10 p.m. during Art Walk


The History Museum on the Square at the Fox Theatre, 157 Park Central Square, invites you to enjoy its popular Route 66 exhibit, Memories of the Mother Road. Travel back in time on Route 66 and learn about the places that put Springfield on the map. Enjoy the great music of that period and learn more about the popular local diners and drive-ins on the Mother Road. FREE Museum Night during Art Walk; regular admission applies for Second Saturday. (417) 831-1976 www.historymuseumonthesquare.or


Hotel Vandivort, 305 E. Walnut St., a proud Art Walk sponsor, features Artist Jonathan Zackary in July.

Artist Statement: I aim to make simple, abstract arrangements that are intriguing and playful. My process involves a combination of improvisation and methodic precision. Using a variety of materials, I cut and paste shapes in an attempt to create engaging compositions that share a unique visual language. I avoid symbolism and imagery so that the viewer can investigate and relate to the work in their own way. Artmaking is too often a stressful, unpleasant experience, and by working in this mode I hope to regain the true creative freedom that drew me to it in the first place. Open for First Friday and Second Saturday. (417) 832-1515 www.hotelvandivort.com Note: Hotel Vandivort is an Early Bird and a Night Owl Art Walk location: Open 24-7-365


IdeaXfactory, 351 N. Boonville, presents Open Studios II. See studio workspaces, work in progress and finished artworks in painting, ceramics, sculpture, paper-making, mixed media, and participate in an interactive fiber installation. Featured artists are David Cogorno, Doug Erb, Lura Faye Cotton, Carl Glasemeyer, Sarah Jones, Josee McGregor, Sam Mattax, Dana Neuenschwander, Russ RuBert, Pam RuBert, and Christie Snelson. http://ideaxfactory.com


Mane Salon and Social House, 404A W. Walnut, a proud Art Walk sponsor, presents Featured Artist Bill Harmon plus Music by Steve Breedlove.

Bill Harmon is an artist who works in ceramic sculpture, thrown pottery and block printing. “My visual interests are in colorful surface design and involve small narratives. I am influenced by surrealism and storytelling.”

Steve Breedlove is a voice student at Conservatory of the Ozarks. Steve has been studying voice with Heather Leverich at the Conservatory since 2010. Steve can be heard singing around the Springfield area while he accompanies himself with his classical guitar.

Originally from the Caribbean, Steve sings songs in a variety of different languages including Spanish, Italian, French, Latin and English. Steve’s vibrant voice is a crowd-pleaser at any event where he performs.  (417) 755-7681 manesalonandsocial.com Open 10 a.m.-7 p.m. T-Sat


Millet and Hammer, 405-407 N. Boonville Ave., a collaborative studio and purveyor of locally made furniture and home décor, invites you to experience the new work its members have created for the month and the exciting projects in which they are involved. (417) 413-3817 www.milletandhammer.com Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. T-Sat


Obelisk Home at the Inspired Commerce Building, 214 W. Phelps, proudly presents Rosie Winstead: Intermission.

Artist Statement:




  1. a pause or break.

“he was granted an intermission in his studies”

synonyms: interval, interlude, halftime, entr’acte, break, recess, pause, rest, respite, breathing space, lull, gap, stop, stoppage, halt, hiatus;

cessation, suspension;

informal breather, time out

“refreshments are available during the intermission”

  • an interval between parts of a play, movie, or concert.

“The painting process is constantly changing for me. There are a lot of intermissions that happen when you work from home. It is almost impossible to come back to the same person I was before the break. But then again, maybe I need a break from that person I was before. Maybe these interruptions/intermissions are what is fueling the work? Maybe the intermission has something more to offer than the show itself.” – Rosie Winstead  (417) 616-6488 www.obeliskhome.com


Park Central Branch Library, 128 Park Central Square, presents Bad Art Night. See if your terrible creation can win the title of “Worst in Show.” Materials will be provided. On Display 6-9 p.m.! Art Walk reception ends at 9. (417) 831-1342 http://facebook.com/thelibrary.org Open 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m. M-Th and 9:30 a.m.-9 p.m. F & Sat, Closed Sunday.


Springfield Brewing Company, 305 S. Market Ave., a proud Art Walk sponsor, presents Featured Artist Nancy Dornan.

Artist Statement: I love to explore color and texture in a variety of subjects … from foods to travel experiences to light shimmering on water or light reflecting on a city scene. Bold colors and bold textures contrasting with subtle smooth paint passages appeal to me.

Note: Springfield Brewing Company is an Early Bird and a Night Owl Art Walk location: Entertainment begins as early as 5 p.m. and shows run as late as Last Call on First Fridays.


Springfield Hot Glass Studio, 314 S. Campbell Ave., a working artist studio, Will Not Participate in the July or August Art Walks as they are performing glass furnace maintenance. (417) 868-8181 www.springfieldhotglass.com Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. T-Sat


Springfield Police Museum at The Calaboose, 409 W. McDaniel, is open to the public for First Friday Art Walk! The Calaboose, Springfield’s original jail, was built in 1891 and used until the 1940s. The historic display covers a wide variety of fascinating crimes, lawmen and relics of law enforcement past. Visitors will be chilled by the sight of the last hangman’s rope and the black hood worn by the last condemned criminal to die by hanging in 1935.  The Calaboose is a stop well worth your time – drop in on First Friday! For more information on Springfield law enforcement history, visit www.springfieldmo.gov/spd/AboutUs/history.html Open until 9 p.m. on First Fridays


Springfield Pottery, 416 S. Campbell Ave., is a fine craft gallery and community clay center that not only produces a range of amazing ceramics, but also features examples of Fine Craft by over 45 Local, Regional and National Artists. Springfield Pottery welcomes you to First Friday and Second Saturday Art Walks in July. (417) 864-4677 www.springfieldpottery.com Open 11 a.m.-6 p.m. T-Sat


STD Flea Market/Grey Rocks Event Center, 505 E. Trafficway, presents Featured Artist Brian Boulware. Brian works with metal and wood to create his sculptural pieces. His themes are patriotic and heroic. Art Walk reception ends at 9. (417) 425-2019 Open 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; open till 9 p.m. during Art Walk.


Systematic Savings Bank, 318 South Avenue, a proud Art Walk sponsor, presents the husband-and-wife artist duo Todd and Karla Daniel. Todd specializes in 3-Dimensional sculptures of statistical models and woodworking, and Karla does portraits of people and animals. www.mysystematic.com Open 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. M-F and for First Friday Art Walk


Transformation Gallery & Tattoo, 330 E. Walnut, presents Featured Artist Austin Evans who is also one of Transformation’s tattoo artists.  The exhibition is titled Always Winter; Always Blood and will feature large ink-and-water pieces (417) 869-2338 www.transformationgallery.com Open 11 a.m.-7 p.m. T-Sat



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