Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – General Information

Q: When and where is First Friday Art Walk held?

A: First Friday Art Walk is held 5-10 p.m. the first Friday of each month in locations throughout downtown Springfield, MO.

FAQ – for Artists

Q: I am an artist and I would like to display my work at Art Walk. How do I do that?

A: All FFAW venues schedule and manage their own showings. You can reach out directly to these businesses/galleries, or to be included on the FFAW Artist Resource for venues to access when scheduling, email the following to

  • 3-4 artwork sample images in JPEG format
  • brief statement about you and your work
  • preferred contact information
  • list previously shown local venues (when and where)
  • website and social links

FFAW venues will contact the artists directly for scheduling.

Q: How do I go about contacting Art Walk members?

A: A full listing of our members is included on our website, Find their contact information on their FFAW page, or visit their websites or social accounts to start a conversation.

Q: Is there a way to get information about my art out to the general public?

A: Yes! By joining the Springfield Regional Arts Council as an Artist member, you get free access to the Artist Registry, where you can post a bio and examples of your work. Art Walk directs members to the Registry on a regular basis when they are seeking artists for upcoming shows. The Artist membership is only $25 a year and includes free admission to SRAC events, such as Artsfest and Cider Days; click HERE to view details.

Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare my art for display?

A: All two-dimensional artwork for display should be securely wired for hanging; sawtooth hangers are generally not acceptable. Delicate works should be protected by a frames with glass; some works, such as oil canvases, should not be glassed in as they cannot “breathe,” and paint may adhere to the glass. Three-dimensional works need to be stable enough to stand alone without endangering the viewer. Three-dimensional pieces that hang from the ceiling, such as small sculptures or mobiles, must be securely wired for hanging.

FAQ – For Businesses

Q: How do I participate in Art Walk?

A: You need to join Art Walk as a member or a sponsor. View the First Friday Art Walk Application email .

Q. What’s the difference?

A: Art Walk members must be located in the Downtown Arts District and are required to display original artwork, pay monthly dues, and meet the Art Walk’s promotional deadline of the 10th of the month before any given Art Walk. Art Walk sponsors are not required to be located downtown or to display art, however, we are happy to promote any special events offered by our in-district sponsors during Art Walk, provided they meet the promotional deadline.

Q: What are the costs of membership vs. sponsorship?

A: Members pay a one-time initiation fee of $100, then $60 per month. A one-time membership is $125. There are a range of sponsorship options: sponsors who are located in the Downtown Arts District can sponsor for as little as $280 for six months or $480 for a year. Businesses outside of downtown can participate as well; rates for our-of-district sponsors are $350 for six months or $600 for a year.

Q: Are those the only sponsorship options?

A: No, we also offer category exclusives – meaning no other business in your category can sponsor as long as you are a sponsor in good standing – as well as presenting sponsorships on a quarterly or yearly basis; these options range from $1,200 to $10,000 annually.

Q: What is the Downtown Arts District?

A: The Downtown Arts District is Art Walk’s designated geographic area. It is bounded by Chestnut Expressway to the north, Cherry Street to the south, National Avenue to the East and Grant Avenue to the west. Any business located in those bounds can be an Art Walk member.

Q: I want to join Art Walk as a member, but I don’t know any artists. How do I find people to display in my space?

A: First and foremost, you should check out the Artist Registry at the Springfield Regional Arts Council, available online at As a member, you can also access an artist resource listing local artists that would love to participate in FFAW. You can also issue your own call for artists through your website or social media outlets.

Q: I’ve never done an art display before. What do I need to do to make this work?

A: First, you need to decide what kind of art you want to display. If you want to do two-dimensional art, i.e. paintings, drawings, and other “wall” art, you will need to be able to hang the art securely via wall mounts, display rails, shelves, a hanging system, or easels. If you want to do three-dimensional art, i.e. sculpture or pottery, you will need plenty of floor space and appropriate stands, shelves, or pedestals.

Q: How much art should I display?

A: That depends primarily on the size of the artwork. If an artist works in large-scale pieces, 4 feet or larger to a side, you might get away with as few as 6 or 8 pieces; however, most artists do not work in large scale. A good display is usually 10 to 15 pieces or more. You need to display enough work that it is 1. worth the artist’s time and effort to transport and hang the art and 2. worth the visitors’ time to come to your location to see it.